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Above: Roughskin Newt © Vikki Jackson

Northwest PARC recognizes the need for collaborative approaches and solutions to complex amphibian and reptile conservation problems. At times, researchers, educators, policy makers and practitioners may not realize that there are other groups working on similar conservation issues or recognize where needs have not been addressed.

We are addressing this gap with the In Your Area initiative, a free and open online database of ‘who is doing what and where’, relating to amphibian and reptile projects. Voluntary content is created by individuals, organizations, and community groups. The initiative’s main goal is to facilitate networking, collaboration and partnership opportunities in the greater Northwest area.

We are always looking for content contributors!

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Project Submission

We are always looking for content contributors! Just click on the "Submit a Project" button below and fill out the pop-up form.

Using our online form, you can easily submit your project information. Once submitted, your project information will appear in a searchable online database.

Projects must be active or complete to be eligible for the In Your Area database. Historical projects are welcome. Ineligible projects include those that are still concepts, proposals or in the planning stage.

We require the following basic information about your project:

  1. Descriptive title that consists of a clear statement that explains the intent of your project, including objective(s) and species of focus; written to a general, professional reader.
  2. Brief high-level summary of the important details of the project; written to a general, professional reader (please limit to 200 words).
  3. Name of nearest town/city to your project site, or state(s) and/or province(s) if your project is regional.
  4. Start date and duration (i.e., single year, multiyear, or ongoing).
  5. Organization(s) or group(s) involved (note lead or if co-led).
  6. Project contact email (optional).

If you have any concerns or questions or would like to delete your project from the database please contact info@nwparc.org.


Projects featured in the In Your Area database may change in their nature, scope and methodology due to a variety of circumstances and some projects may be cancelled before completion. NW PARC makes no assertion on the status of projects described herein. We encourage all visitors using the In Your Area database to contact the coordinating organization(s) for specific project details.