Northwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

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NW PARC 2012 Annual Meeting


March 19-20, 2012


Amphibians and Reptiles in My Project Area;

Conservation Genetics



The 2012 meeting was held in Portland and Hood River, Oregon, in conjunction with the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology and the Pacific Northwest Native Freshwater Mussel Workgroup. The first day in Portland included a number of speakers discussing considerations for improving habitats for amphibians, instructions on how to build a snake hibernaculum, and mitigation designs such as water escape ramps. During the second day in Hood River, NW PARC hosted a Conservation Genetics workshop, as well as several speakers addressing such topics as the role of photography in conservation, the interactive effects of wildfire, forest management and isolation on amphibian and parasite abundance, and malarial infections in western fence lizards.


NW PARC 2011 Annual Meeting


March 21-22, 2011


Amphibian Inventory and Monitoring Techniques;

Amphibian Diseases



The 2011 meeting was held in Gig Harbor, Washington, in conjunction with the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology. The morning part of the meeting was spent in the classroom discussing basics of amphibian identification, as well as inventory design considerations and different inventory techniques. In the afternoon, participants went to the field to learn about using such methods as electroshocking, funnel traps, and cover objects. The second day included a workshop on disease with presentations on fungal diseases, ranavirus, water molds, and malformations and trematodes.



NW PARC 2010 Annual Meeting


March 8, 2010


Wildlife Conservation and Energy Development



The 2010 meeting was held in Boise, Idaho, in conjunction with the Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Topics of the day included montane amphibians and climate change, landscape genetics of amphibians, effects of post-mining stream restoration, and herp regulation in Idaho and the Northwest. Task teams from the previous years reported progress on the issues of linkage areas and important herp areas, restoration, impacts of disturbance, inventory and monitoring, disease, and training.



NW PARC 2009 Annual Meeting


February 17, 2009


Wetland Construction;

Ranid Reintroduction Working Group Meeting


The 2009 meeting was held at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon, and focused on wetland construction with a keynote address by Thomas Biebighauser, a biologist and wetland expert with the U.S. Forest Service. Andrew Blaustein of Oregon State University also provided a keynote address. The remainder of the day was spent on a ranid reintroduction working group meeting and the task teams’ discussion (from topics and breakout sessions that were formed during the 2008 meeting). In the evening, participants went on a tour of the zoo and saw a behind the scenes view of the herpetological captive breeding program.



NW PARC 2008 Annual Meeting


February 26-27, 2008


Inaugural Meeting: State and Province Reports;

Ranid Reintroduction Workshop



The first meeting of NW PARC was held in Bozeman, Montana, in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Montana Chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology. The states and provinces that make up the Northwest region all provided reports on their top conservation issues and amphibian and reptile programs. The Habitat Management Guides for the NW PARC region were introduced and breakout sessions were formed to discuss topics such as issues and priorities for herp conservation, funding, and partnerships. During the second day, meeting participants attended a field trip and workshop focusing on ranid reintroduction.